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  1. Happy birthday greetings uncle rod, have a super day
  2. Howzit Unko Rod...your PM box is filled can I get in touch with you lidat...
  3. Aloha Unko Rod, Hauoli la Hanau greetings, Bruddah...hope you are well and you had a awesome day with family and friends..
  4. Good Morning...Just wanted to say Hi and Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas...Have a nice one....Your friend, Stan
  5. Hi Stan,

    I had a good time at your place, and thanks for the Kalua pig!

    Please access my account via my signature links. Choose the MP3 link (easiest). Then click on any one of the
    download green arrows. When that window opens up look for my email address that looks like ( rohiguchi (at) ).
    it should be right under the title of the song (doesn't matter which you selected).

    Once you click that "link" scroll down on the right side to find the Hawaiian pdfs and the Old Favorites pdf. Those 2 should
    pretty much duplicate my performance songbook that I had with me.

    I hope you can print them out. Let me know if you have any difficulties and I'll send you a copy. Just give me your address again.

    Keep uke'in',
  6. Aloha Uncle Rod and Hauoli La Hanau....
    Have a wonderful B-day....Hoping you life this year is as beautiful as your make life for everyone around you!!! Happy Birthday Man!! and Happy Strummings..MM Stan
    Mahalo for sharing all your ukulele experience and knowledge with all of us...MM Stan
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