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  1. Hi Astacie,

    Can you tell me how many people I address in one PM? I have a large group of PoHos I need to send a note out to. Thanks. Sukie
  2. Hi! Haven't seen you around lately -- we must visit different threads. How've you been?
  3. Hi Sukie, nope never. I occasionally do just for a lark, but I'm shocked at how toy like it sounds to me now...and also how hard it is for me to play a soprano after playing tenors pretty much exclusively. I feel bad because my Mom bought it for me, so I'll never get rid of it for sentimental reasons, but I never play it either.
  4. Do you ever play your Hawaiian Ukulele Company ukulele anymore? I remember when I got mine -- it was my first -- I thought it was so wonderful. Then I got a KoAloha and I don't think I ever played it again. just wondering....
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