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  1. i'm always shocked by the faulty electrical wiring in my virtual reality sweatsuit.
  2. I'm always shocked at the speed of the mail between Alberta and California.
  3. you're the coolest. thanks for the card M-A, you "rock"!
  4. sorry your birthday card is going to be totally late, and not very clever.
  5. Thanks, Russ, you weezer. I can't wait until eggnog season is over.
  6. MVOTW, u go gurl. eggy booznog for everyone!
  7. i really don't know. it was really tough to post whore this far. not sure how i'm going to crank out the next 2000. maybe moar string questions?
  8. Hey Russ,
    What are you going to do to celebrate 2000 posts to UU? Not long now!
  9. Glad Voice of Fire arrived alright- just gaze upon it whenever you need enlightenment.
  10. hi M-A! thanks for the lovely postcard. i'll try to return the deed if i can find any interesting ones locally. cheers!
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