1. arashi_nero
    After a couple recent threads, I have decided to create a group for Japanese speakers to unite and to pool resources. This way, for example, if anyone who would like to do a Japanese song collaboration, you will immediately know who you can turn to.

    Also, if you are learning Japanese, aspiring to learn Japanese, or are a native Japanese speaker learning English, please feel free to join this group as well. I feel that if the English speakers help the Japanese speakers in their efforts to learn English and vice versa, this group could be a great resource for many people!

    Remember, playing ukulele makes people around you smile and 笑う門には福来る (smiling/laughter begets happiness).

    では、宜しくお願い致します m(_ _)m
  2. Shin
    Thank you so much! Shin
  3. Arashi
    Arashi Nero wa, kore o yomu koto ga dekimasu?
  4. Arashi
    だから... いただきました!人まで?
  5. arashi_nero
    アラシさん、”これ”って何ですか?日本語だったら、完璧に読めますよ。変な漢字まで知っていますね。面白 くて、関西弁も、広島弁も使えますが、大阪弁のほうが一番うめぇ~やで!!(笑)

    Thank you all for your support. Lets get this group going!!

  6. redBee
    I didn't know the forum supported Japanese characters.

  7. arashi_nero
    most forums do. it depends if your computer is setup to read the characters or not. good to know we can spread the japanese love, eh?
  8. Arashi
    Nero-San, I know you read japanese. I was trying this thing where I type in japanese kanji and then it turns into romanized japanese words.
  9. arashi_nero
    ah, i didn't catch that. my apologies. the way it was worded made it sound like you were asking if i read.
  10. DeG
    Iniku, watakushi no Nihongo wa joozu ja nai desu. Demo, bankyoshimasu ga sukidesu... :-)
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