Japanese Ukulele resources (in Japan and elsewhere)

  1. arashi_nero
    OK all. Sorry I haven't made any posts or anything here for a long time. I did want to start a discussion about what Japanese 'ukulele resources there are--both in Japan and elsewhere. This could include websites with information in Japanese, good uke/music stores in Japan, uke tabs/chords for Japanese songs, etc. As posts with information are added, I will try to keep updating the original post with that information. Mahaloz!!
  2. redBee
    Rolling Coconuts Magazine : http://rollingcoconuts.com/contents/magazine/

    It is a free magazine about the ukulele and it's available in the best ukulele shops in Japan (and abroad!).

    I usually take my copy from the Kurosawa Gakki in Yokohama.
    You can find a distributor near you on this list :

    ** The latest issue has an interview with the famous ukulele boy from YouTube!
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