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  1. bazmaz
    love the look of my new No 6 - added pictures to the group as above!
  2. Tube
    Yes, looks nice. Brükos are very well made. Have fun!
  3. crossing_kidron
    the no.6 look fantastic! i just got a no.4, last stock left in australia i hard to find brukos over here but loving every second of it
  4. Ukie der Wookiee
    Ukie der Wookiee
    Another new member from Brüko-Land, Franconia!

    Hello, I am living about 65 miles away from Kitzingen, the place, where the Brüko is build by Mr. Pfeiffer. I have a Brüko in Concert-size, made of Cherry, Alder and , the top is Haselfichte, a rare and strange wood (hazel-spruce?). Mr. Pfeiffer is also creating Ukuleles from bog oak, the wood is about 10 000 years old!
    Have a lot of fun with your Brüko, Greetings, Ukie
  5. Tootler
    Another new member. I've had my Bruko rosewood concert about a month and am loving it. Lovely clear tone which suits the folk songs I sing. I've been playing it out at local folk clubs and it's attracted several positve comments.

    There's a thread on uke talk with some piccys here.
  6. Jim Hanks
    Jim Hanks
    And another joins the horde. Woo-hoo!
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