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    Ukulollo in concert at island bazaar

    Arriving from Europe just in time for you to catch this great ukulele entertainer in an intimage setting at Island Bazaar.
    October 7th at 7PM. Tickets; $25.00 Don't miss out!...
  2. Ukulele Mini-Festival at Island Bazaar November 2nd.

    Aloha! Uke lovers of all levels & interests.


    November 2nd should be a"save the date" for you. Island Bazaar is hosting a "Fall for Ukulele" Mini...
  3. "UKULELE ROCKS!" New Ukulele group at Island Bazaar

    "UKULELE ROCKS!" at Island Bazaar in Huntington Beach

    Starting Monday, May 14th at 6:30 PM get ready to shake up the ukulele scene with our newest ukulele group, "Ukulele Rocks"

    For kids from...
  4. Brittni Paiva in concert at Island Bazaar, January 21

    The charming and talented Brittni Paiva will appear in concert at Island Bazaar, Saturday, January 21st, 8PM, for a ukulele blockbuster evening. Maybe we can even talk her into some slack key? Has...
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