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Thread: Blackline Fly3 Bass great cheap combo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampeep View Post
    kohanmike, surprised that you bought the same amp & came to the same conclusion. Thought you would have used your Double Four for home practice..
    I use the PJD4 for rehearsal twice week and keep it in a gig bag, but don't want to break it out all the time for home practice. I use the Fly 3 once every 6 weeks for hospital gigs, so it sits on my desk plugged into the wall, making it much more convenient for practice

    The first amp I used with my bass uke is a Crate Limo 50w 10" speaker with dry cell battery. It was fine for rehearsal and small gigs, but when I used it for an outdoor gig, it couldn't handle it. I bought the Double Four at 70w thinking it would do better, but no, so that became my rehearsal and small venue amp since it's so much lighter and sounded that much better than the Crate.
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    Last week, my friend let me try another amp, a Fat Boy 15 watt bass amp. It was better than the Peavey, but still not as good as the Blackstar. Am thinking I'd have to go up to a Fender Rumble 40 to get something more than the Blackstar. The thing is the 40 with a 10" spkr is actually bigger than my Roland with a 12" spkr! Decided to order a 4 wheeled luggage cart to bring my current amp if I need to.

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