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Thread: Uke group bass players roll call

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    Our local uke group used to have a regular bass guitar player but his work changed and he can rarely attend now. UAS meant the wife and I had bought a Countryman bass uke so I started playing about six weeks ago. It's really revitalized my interest in playing although mostly just root and 5th at present, and the group have been very complimentary so far. To help me practice I play and sing the song normally and record it on my phone, then play it back while I work out the bass line, making notes on the song sheets where needed.

    Amp-wise I wanted something versatile so I got a Laney AH40. It has multiple inputs so I can set up mic, uke, backing track etc.. and has plenty of power for the small village halls and nursing homes we generally play.
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    I'm very new to music generally, even more so to Ukes. I started learning guitar about a year ago, then in March this year I came across my local uke group, the Ayrshire Ukulele Clan. I've always liked the bass, so I got myself a Caramel bass uke. I already had a Rocket Music ADB40 bass amp, which is fine for rehearsal and small gigs. I'm learning rapidly, and the feedback from my fellow ukers has been tremendously positive. I'm having a great time ������

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    I play bass at my uke club. Started with a U-Bass, then sold that to get an Ohana fretless bass ukulele, which now mostly hangs on my wall since I bought a Hofner Contemporary HCT-500/1. I guess I have a case of Bass Acquisition Syndrome, as I also just bought a Fender Mustang PJ. Now I can't decide which bass to bring to our meetings, except when we have Beatles Night...then the choice is easy.
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