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Thread: What do you actually use to record with.

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    Default What do you actually use to record with.

    I know we have had discussions about recording equipment, but I'm dissatisfied with my recording set up, & I think it's holding me back.

    So, I'd just like to know what equipment you actually use to record with, I'm not wanting this to turn into another discussion, just a listing of what is being used, so that I can look them up to see if they might suit me - thanks.
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    A Windows laptop, with Debut Video Capture software to do the filming. I have added an external webcam (a dirt cheap Logitech one), and a decent microphone, a Samson Meteor, which plugs into the USB port on the laptop. The laptop is pretty ancient, and doesn't seem to like saving HD videos (keeps freezing & stuttering), so I have reduced the quality right down on the webcam.

    Once the video has been recorded, I load it into Windows Movie Maker to trim the ends off, change it to B&W or whatever I might fancy, then re-save it ready for YouTube. And that's about it.

    On the few occasions I have tried to be clever with multi-tracking, I have used a little Tascam DP-004 digital recorder, but I have never really got stuck into what that can do beyond a couple of tracks.
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    I phone, propped on a book or taped to the door with that blue masking tape...which really makes my wife laugh.
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    I record onto my iPhone using an Apogee MiC USB microphone.
    I edit and multitrack with GarageBand and/or Adobe Audition.
    I use Premiere Pro for the video.
    My computer is the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
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    I use a ZOOM Q4N.

    Also have a DJI osmo and a Sony action cam but the ZOOM takes the cake for music related recordings.
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    My iphone records, then I put it into garage band on my Macbook, do some tracks if I feel like it, then done. I'm hoping maybe a mic will be under the tree for me this year!
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    I do everything on my iPad mini and have a Shure MV5 condenser mic that plugs right into it. Most often I just record the video and audio at the same time, but I have been experimenting with GarageBand.

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    I've used my iPhone 4s and my new iPhone 6sPlus using the Voice Record app, then transfer to my MacBook Pro with iTunes, then copy that track to a folder to edit with Audacity. I've also used an iRigHD plugged into the USB port of my MacBook Pro, recording with Garage Band if I need multitrack recordings. I also have an Alesis IO Dock with my old iPad 3 that has mic inputs with which I tried to use my Samsung wireless 4 mic system, but I couldn't get the MultiTrack app to recognize the mics. Have to do some more research.
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    A tiny Canon Elph camera and the ZoomBrowser software that came with it.
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    I usually record seasons video's with just my MacBook, I have also recorded with my iPhone.
    If I really feel like it I use my USB enabled Condenser Microphone, plug my uke into my Mac via an audio interface and other fancy stuff.
    But most of the time I find that to much work. Especially as I think the microphones Apple puts in their product are rather good.
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