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Thread: Season 256 - At Seventeen

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    When I was 17, music accessibility was very different than what it is today. Most of the music I heard came from the radio, and because I lived in a smaller city, there was a limited choice of radio stations. There was a pop-rock station, a country station, and a college FM station that played deep cuts and b-sides that I would not normally hear. At 17, Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" was huge, but the local FM station also played the b-side to that single. Here's my take on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry122 View Post
    When I was 17, music accessibility was very different than what it is today. Most of the music I heard came from the radio,
    Now that I think about it, most of mine was heard on the radio too, it was the time of 'pirate radio' stations.
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    Oh my word, what a great theme! ... now I'm not shy about my age; I had good friends who weren't fortunate to make it to 60... so that's my take on birthdays. We're talking 50 years ago for me - 1967... and I was into my favourite British groups of the 60's, especially the Beatles... and the folk revival, going to folk clubs sometimes twice a week. I bought singles when I could afford; (still at school, not earning) and LOVED my record player - and Radio Luxemburg! Oh yes.... I must do something this week, whatever......
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    Blimey I'm actually beginning to feel quite young here at the tender age of 50 !!
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    Harry122 & Uke1950 have both already commented on the few radio stations being the main source of music. It was for me too. But even in '77/'78 we really only had BBC Radio 1 (mostly pop, with a few deeper shows in the evenings - hurray for John Peel!), and a few commercial stations (same songs but with adverts). Radio Luxembourg faded in and out on AM/Medium Wave, but still only played the chart stuff. However, on a ship somewhere off the East coast, Radio Caroline, the last surviving pirate station, played a whole lot more. Album tracks. Heavier bands who never got a look-in on mainstream radio, and tracks longer than the regulation three minutes.

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    At 17 I made the transition from high school to college and as Randy and Graham and Steve have said, radio was huge those days. By sheer accident in high school I ran across Jethro Tull, Yes, and ELP. But when I got to college, WQDR was the hot FM station, one of the first to play what was called "album-oriented rock." (The college station at Duke University was more freeform, so you could hear Mose Allison or Joan Baez or Ry Cooder.) The WQDR station programmer was the famous/infamous Lee Abrams, and a whole new world of music opened to me. I recall hearing the black/white Fleetwood Mac LP and grabbing everything I could by the band, only to be surprised a bit. (But I grew to love Peter Green and Danny Kirwan and Bob Welch.) Also, Pink Floyd. Even the Syd Barrett material (though my sister thought I was soooo weird for listening to it). So from the Floyd album that was all the rage in 1975, and deservedly so, my very very basic take on the title cut.

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    Ha! Steve posts from WYWH at the same time I'm loading mine! Great minds, or something ...
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    At the age of Seventeen my musical horizons started to spread out. I started attending coffee houses and concerts at local venues. One such concert featured a young woman by the name of Bonnie Raitt. She was a talented musician who had taken up studying the Blues with the Old Masters, like Mississippi Fred McDowell. and Sippie Wallace. I liked what I heard. Still do!

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    Default Research? Pah!

    So, this afternoon I diligently went through the (British Top 40) singles charts for the entire 52 weeks between my 17th & 18th birthdays. I remember 1972 as being almost unmitigated dross: it was the era of glam rock Little Jimmy Osmond was #1 for something like 7 weeks and it seemed like whenever he wasn't in the charts, Donny or David (Cassidy) were sure to pop up and fill the gap.

    But it turns out, my jaundiced teenage memories had filtered out quite a lot of good stuff, which I present to you below:
    Singles April 30-1972 May 05-1973 
    Heart of Gold
    Hold your head up
    Tumbling Dice
    Rocket man
    Back Off Boogaloo
    Metal Guru
    Stir It Up
    Lady Eleanor
    California Man
    Supersonic Rocket Ship
    Oh Girl
    Rock & Roll (G Glitter)
I've been lonely for so long
    Take me back 'ome
    I can see clearly now
    Silver Machine
    School's Out
    You wear it well
    I'm still in love with you 
Virginia Plain
    Mama weer all crazee now
    All the young dudes
    Sugar me
    Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
    Long cool woman (in a black dress)
    Honky Cat
    Wig-wam Bam
    Children of the Revolution
    John, I'm only dancing
    I'll take you there
    Little Willy
    American Trilogy
    Burlesque (family)
    In a Broken Dream
    My Ding-a-ling
    Crocodile Rock
    There are more questions than answers
    Here I go again
    Angel/What Made Milwaukee Famous
    Stay with me
    I don't believe in miracles
    Gudbye to Jane
    Ventura Highway
    Solid Gold Easy Action
    Can't Keep it In

    Merry Christmas/War is Over
    The Jean Genie
    Always on my mind
    Ball Park Incident
Wishing Well

    Me & Mrs Jones
Paper Plane, Mean Girl

    Papa was a rolling stone
Do you wanna touch?



    Whisky in the Jar
Part Of The Union

    You're So Vain

    Feel the need in me
Cindy Incidentally
Cum On Feel The Noize
The Look Of Love

    Love Train

    20th Century Boy

    Why can't we live together

    God gave rock and roll to you
    Hello I'm back again
    My Love
    Drive-In Saturday

    Brother Louie
Could it be I'm falling in love
    See my baby jive
    At the age of 16, I'd managed to persuade my parents, who regarded rock'n'roll as the devil's music, to allow me to purchase a 2nd-hand record player. Getting the player was only the first hurdle. _Every_ record I purchased had to be smuggled into the house, and long lectures were sure to follow if I was caught in the act.
    Still, I can remember my first two albums were the Faces' 'Long Player' and Fleetwood Mac's (Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac) 'Greatest Hits'. The first single I bought was Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold'.

    I also went through all the albums that featured the in British Album charts top 50 in 1972-3. I know for sure I had acquired at least the first 15 or so by my 18th birthday, but apart from the Stones' compilations, Nashville Skyline and the Beatles albums (non-compilation), all these albums came out in between May 1972 and May 1973
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Never a Dull Moment, Gasoline Alley, Every Picture Tells A Story
    Long Player,  A nod's as good as a wink..., Ooh-la-la
    Teaser and the Firecat
    Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits
    Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player
    Milestones, High Tide & Green Grass
    Beatles Red & Blue albums, Sgt Pepper's, Abbey Road, Let It Be
    Nashville Skyline
    Simon & Garfunkel's  Greatest Hits
    Exile on Main St, 
    Meaty Beaty, Big & Bouncy
    After the Goldrush
    Ziggy Stardust
    Talking Book
    Super Fly
    But then I looked round and realised, I needn't have done all this research at all. I'd bought the sheet music to these four tunes back in 1972 - and I've hung onto them ever since! So, pretty obvious what I'll be covering this week!! :-)
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    I must have still been half-whacked on cold medicine yesterday because I looked up a bunch of songs and then looked back at the list again this morning and realized I had looked up songs from 1977 when I should have been looking at 1981!

    Anyway, I will definitely get something done this week but I have to give my voice a few more days to recover. I'm pretty hoarse today.
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