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Thread: What is your favorite, most-played uke brand?

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    Honestly, vintage Martin tenors have become my go to uke. Once I played a couple of those, my search was over.

    Originally Posted by ukemunga:
    "Best is a very personal thing. You gotta play it to love it. And you'll always think there's one better. And there is."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazmaz View Post
    For me - my most owned and played, mainly because I think they have the best balance between price and quality is Pono.

    But that's just me.

    I own more expensive ukuleles and I own cheaper ones. Some of them are individual favourites - but all round, it's Pono for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Debussychopin View Post
    That is interesting. Can you share some points as to the Ponos?
    It's not just you. I have some ukuleles, including customs, that cost more than my Pono, yet my Pono is easily the best-quality construction of the bunch.
    Build quality - superb.
    Playability - excellent.
    Tone - wonderful.
    Visual appeal - not curly koa, but still very beautiful.
    The gloss finish remains mirror smooth and I have had this ukulele about 10 years now.

    I just can't say enough about how much I love playing my Pono.

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    Currently, my Mainland spruce top Baritone.
    All time, my Gretsch Clarophone banjolele.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitarzan View Post
    Currently, my Mainland spruce top Baritone.
    Do you have any video of yourself playing it? I've been curious to hear those ever since I saw them on the Mainland site.
    uke collection:
    Favilla Baritone, Johnson UK-200 Baritone, Blue Star Baritone Deluxe, Ohana SK-28 soprano, Ohana TK-38 tenor, Kala Gloss Black U-Bass


    videos (includes uke demos):

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    I love all my ukes, but I have to say that for sheer noodling draw and easiness to play, I love my Kala KA-STE-C Tenor. It sounds good, the neck feels good, the fret spacing is comfortable and it sounds great through my Yamaha THR5A amp. I record with it and it does the business. Now, I love all my other ukes, from the Kala UBass, through my Noah Monkeypod Concert, to my amazing Rob Collins Sapele Soprano. I am thinking about a pickup for my soprano, if anyone has any ideas for a decent one at a reasonable price, I'm all ears :-)
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    Depends what you call a decent price, MISI Trio or maybe a Shadow pickup(?).
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    My Kamoa E3 tenor and my Kala solid acacia 8 string tenor are definitely the most played. The Kamoa is my play by myself for the sheer joy of playing uke (though every time I play in front of people I get a ton of compliments on the sound). The a Kala is what I go to for a full sound to strum or pluck out a pretty melody for others to hear. The doubled strings and all solid wood construction make it really sing.

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    For me I guess it keeps changing as my uke stable changes. Since I my recent purchase, I now mainly bypass my Koaloha, Kamaka, and Kala to cradle my Hoffmann ML. Maybe it's the smell of the glue... It's like an addiction!
    It's not what you've got. It's how you play it

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