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Thread: my ukulele progress

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    I played a lot today out on the porch with the kamaka. That thing really resonates and I guess it should for the price I paid for it!

    There isn't a lot going on in my blues workbook. We're done with the chords and now the focus is on riffs. It is kind of boring, to be honest. However once I get through this section I can start putting it together with chords to create some stop-time blues. Obviously I could get bogged down in riffs indefinitely since there are so many.

    I spent a lot more time practicing my blues scales modes. Since the ionian, dorian, and aeolian have roots on the first and third strings, I seamlessly moved between them. It almost sounds like I know what I'm doing. The only problem is that I am in essence improvising a blues solo that doesn't have a context. It all sounds good, and that's good enough for now, but I will eventually have to put this stuff into the context of a song. Maybe just playing over a progression will be enough.

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    I have been doing more of the same. I heard a Beatles song and I looked up the chord progression. I played it a few times, then I just started playing the melody. I was impressed by that. However I played it in F#. When I consulted my Beatles book of complete scores I saw that the song had 3 sharps, which would put it in the key of A. So at this point I can't say I have a good ear but I do have some ability of knowing when to employ a step versus a half-step in going from note to note.

    I notice that I have been obsessed with double-stops lately. I like the sound; it is somewhat reminiscent of a European siren.

    I have also noticed that I have been getting sloppy and not using my straps. This is less than optimal because then I hunch over the ukulele. It also means that I am looking at the fretboard. I need to learn to play by touch and not by sight, so that I can use my eyes to do other read the music. Also the straps situate the ukulele differently on my body and I want to get used to that, in order to gain some muscle memory in my fingers and wrist.

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