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Thread: my ukulele progress

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    I am making some progress on clawhammer. I am starting to get the E string. I was trying to use too much force. I was trying to force my way through the E string and not doing much beside muting and bending the string. But by glancing off the string I get the note.

    Aside from that I was just dinking around with some blues progressions in minor keys as well as playing some Eb blues in primarily the mixolydian mode.

    I finally figured out why there were only five shapes whereas there are 6 notes in the blues scale. The 5 shapes refer to the pentatonic scale which doesn't have the blue note.

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    The new E.

    This is a revolution for me. I have always used the 1402 chord for E because the 4442 or the 4447 always sounded shrill to me. Moreover those latter permutations never seemed to fit the pitch of the other chords if I was doing a progression.

    At some level I was avoiding things in E which is quite a handicap because the E is so easy and so prevalent in guitar. I can play the 1402 but it is always a tad bit slow. I don't miss a beat with it, but I it does take a portion of the beat to transition to it. I guess at some level I didn't like the struggle and the syncopation.

    I just read about the 1X02. That's right a two-finger E chord. My mouth was agape with how brilliant it was in its simplicity. I usually avoid chords with muted strings because the dynamics seem off. Four strings are just louder than three strings...usually. I don't notice that with the 1X02.

    All you need to do is finger a 1002, but be a little sloppy with the "1" so that the C string is muted and voila you get an E chord. And this chord is fast. I can transition to it in a wink of an eye. Although I am anything but blue, I have been playing the blues in E because I can. This is really a game-changer.

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