I've been practicing the problematic strums: clawhammer and travis.

I made a bit of a discovery. I can now play D minor in the regular fashion. I had always played it by playing an F but flattening my ring finger so that it spread over the G and C strings. The problem with this technique is that it is very tempermental. Depending on factors which I am not quite aware of, somedays it works and somedays it doesn't. Because of gaining competency in other areas, I now have, unbeknownst to me, the ability to play it with three fingers, which is an improvement because by playing it that way no string is ever muted. I never would have guessed at this kind of cross-over. Oh well. I wonder when the m7#5 chords will magically appear in my repetoire.

There have been some fussy threads around here lately. Fussy sounds bad. Let's call it exacting. I haven't taken part in them because I don't really feel I have anything to add. They don't seem important to me. To wit, they are which A to tune to and at which fret do you tune. These topics do nothing for me but cause me to shrug. I can't even say that I am overly fastidious in my tuning. On my tuner, the pointer points straight up at 12 o'clock when it is pitch perfect. But to be honest I don't even fuss with the pegs as long as the pointer is somewhere between 11 o'clock and one o'clock. As for the 432 A...I think it is mainly psychological. If it floats your boat, go for it. We all do things that are negligible or even untrue because it makes us happy. I have some idiosyncratic views on strings that someone could probably scientifically disprove, but they organize my outlook and make me happy to follow them as precepts. Live and let live.