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Thread: Anyone heard of Alulu? How are all solid wood ukes so cheap?

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    Here's their website;
    Looking For My Next Uke!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy6894 View Post
    Has anyone ever heard of a brand called Alulu? They have all solid wood mahogany tenors and all solid acacia tenors for $175. How can a decently crafted all solid uke come in that low on the price? I am assuming they are junk. But If someone tells me otherwise they could be good for my daughters.
    I have two. Got the second because the first was so nice. Heavier than most ukes but it feels nice. Its made from denser wood, especially the neck. I have no idea how they can sell them for what they do.

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    I just bought one about a month ago, and I absolutely love the sound! The action is perfect, and the resonance is amazing. I will need to bring it in to fix the loose nut as the E string buzzes, and while I'm at it, I'll ask if they can smooth out the edges of the fret wires without ruining the laminate finish and potentially get strap buttons installed as it's heavy and with a thick gloss.

    It's got a wider neck than I'm used to, and quite enjoy it actually! Certainly not as narrow as the Kalas that I have. I'm hoping it survives it's first harsh winter here in Ontario, and I've got it safely nestled in a hard case with a humidifier. Crossing fingers that the wood keeps stable. I have the classical slotted heads on mine with the (angry bird) hummingbird design in the back. I'd definitely buy another one from this seller!

    I'd be curious to here of others who also own Alulu's.

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    My first uke was a basic Alulu "Acacia" tenor. It was not fun to play, was poorly intonated, sounded dull, and if you held it up to the sun you could see the light shine through lines along the figuring of the wood. I kept if for several months, learned a few chords and songs and eventually sold it on CL. I used the proceeds to buy a Gretsch solid mahogany tenor which has now served me well for several years. I don't think they are worth the high shipping costs from Asia, and give me a break - they supposedly have "brazilian rosewood" instruments!
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