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Thread: 2017 Los Angeles Int'l Ukulele Festival

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    I'm considering driving over from Phoenix for this... how long until you think they run out of tickets? Do I need to decide soon?
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    For the past couple of years I haven't had any problem buying a ticket at the entrance. I usually arrive within an hour of it opening. So probably no rush.

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    For those going, please look out for me, Patchen and Kevin Beddoe of Kinnard Ukes (who is exhibiting). We will have a Luthiers for a Cause table at the event and be offering embroidered tees, hats and possible cleaning clothes. All profit will go straight to the Ukulele Kids Club.
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    Got a few festival updates for y'all:
    1) Tickets for the festival preview night are now on sale: only $35 for 'ono food and time to hang out with the festival artists (priceless). Sept 29, 6-8:30pm at the Gardena Elks Lodge. Only room for 100 people so first come, first-served! Tickets:

    2) Vendor page has been updated

    3) Among the prizes to be won day of the festival, we'll have 6 Islander ukulele, courtesy of Kanile'a! Check out their website:

    Don't forget to please spread the word to your total beginner friends about the great deal they can get on an entry-level Ohana ukulele for basically only $74 ($45+$74=119)! Visit the website and scroll down the page to view the specific models. Remember, $45 is all you have to pay to get into the festival area and take all the workshops you want and see the BEST of the best ukulele artists

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