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Thread: Uke ensemble--four part harmonies in playing and singing; pop, classical, jazz

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    Default Uke ensemble--four part harmonies in playing and singing; pop, classical, jazz

    Okay, I've never been over in "these parts" of the UU forum--mainly because I never felt "good enough" to share anything I did on my own. But now that I'm playing with an ukulele ensemble, I'll be brave and share (and yes, I really *am* in the group, back row, center) what we're doing.

    These songs were from the Palm Springs Uke Fest where the Luongo Ukulele Experience (that's us) opened for the Saturday night concert, featuring James Hill. We'd met for four very intense practice sessions (two days each) before presenting these songs so we're not hugely polished yet--but working on it!

    El Cumbanchero

    Sea Cruise

    Minuet in G (in F)

    In The Mood

    Tiger Rag

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    Tonya, this looks like a blast! Great job. I had no idea there were uke fests that offered this level of playing - I got bored with strum 'n' hum years ago so haven't really been following festivals, and now I'm kicking myself for not knowing about this one. Definitely keeping the Luongo Ukulele Experience on my radar for the future.

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    Thanks for sharing this Tonya. People are better players than they think they are.
    I am the best ukulele player on my block!

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