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Thread: Season 266: Foreign Language

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joko View Post
    Indonesia is now one of the most vibrant and open democracies in the region, and I think it had something to do with this song. I hope I’ve done it the justice it deserves.

    Wow! Feel the power! Standing O here Mr McK!!

    Sadly all is not roses in the Indonesian garden however. Indonesia has one of the most thriving punk scenes in the world (along with Burma!), a scene that grew directly out of the repression Joko describes...
    .... and while democracy and diversity may presently be flourishing in Java and Bali, in Sumatra - in Aceh province in N. Sumatra in particular - it's a different story, as this presentation and these pictures illustrate:

    And the Indonesian/Burmese punk instrument of choice? The ukulele, of course!

    For an introduction to Indonesian ukulele punk, check out Marjinal
    For Burmese ukulele punk, punk check out Rebel Riot, or Kultureshock - and should you ever find yourself at a loose end in Yangon while visiting Joko's new acoustical apartment, apparently the Hledan flyover is the place to go!
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    Big King Velour came to North Wales, we bonded over our love of Miri & Steffan... and this happened...
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    Hello everyone. This my first SOTU video. mikef, Das Model was on me list of possibilities , as was another tune called "Grün Grün Grün Sind alle meine kleider" a great childrens' song and a proper earworm if you ask my. As you might have guessed I have chosen to sing in German. I did German in school but I was better at French, and also considered doing a French tune, George Brassens or Charles Trenet. In the end, I picked this. I first came across it in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a perennial favourite of mine; it's from the bit where Ferris lip syncs to Wayne Newton. Classic tune . I thought, there must be a German version of this, and I found one, sung beautifully by Anita Lindblom. The chord sequence is a bit tricky as it the whole song goes up by a semitone with each verse, you need your wits about you. Anyway, here it is...

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    I have had hardly any time this week, for playing or for listening, but this pretty well sums up my own attempts -

    Roughly translated - "This week I tried to sing in French, This week I tried to sing in German, This week I tried to sing in Russian, In the end I tried in Catalan."

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    "Nuages" is often considered Django Reinhardt's signature composition.

    Here's a link to the French words:

    Here's google translate:

    Slowly in the evening
    The train leaves
    On the quay, her handkerchief
    Already fled
    In the ice like a dream
    The gray wall of his house
    In the light of day
    Falls on the horizon
    A cloud stretches
    On its blue roof
    In passing it seems to say
    A sad farewell;
    And all I loved
    When the train turns
    In a stream of smoke
    Disappears forever ...

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