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Thread: Hi! I'm new here!

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    Default Hi! I'm new here!

    Hi everyone, my name is Grimstache, call me Grim for short. I'm not a grim guy, but I use this name almost everywhere. I'm a professional trumpet player and middle school band director. I also compose and arrange. You can find my work here:

    I just arranged the 25 progressive works of Fernando Sor for Low G uke.

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    Welcome Grim. I have some experience with Sor's etudes from my studies in classical guitar. Good stuff.

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    Welcome! I'm a current middle school choir director with background (and licensure) in choir and band. Tuba is my primary instrument, and Tenor voice. I started using ukuleles with my choirs last February and started playing ukulele shortly before that time. It has been an interesting journey so far.
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    Welcome aboard.

    My other distraction at the moment is harmonicas.
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