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Thread: Avoiding carpal tunnel problems

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    My CTS was caused by doing heavy manual labour one summer, I hadn't had any problems from playing guitar before then. No treatment was effective, including steroid injections, so I had the release procedure done after about 10 years. It's been fine since and I can get to the end of a tune and still feel my fingers!

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    I have ground the cartilage out in my basal joint, (osteoarthritis) and am on bone splinters and shards driving into flesh and nerve endings. Most of this was repetitive-motion related, and 50 years of guitar/bass playing, amongst other activities, took its toll on both my hands. Had right hand basal joint replacement, but my fretting hand basal joint is really killing me. My thumb has to be off the neck, and strap is a necessary to remove the pressure from my thumb.

    So I have to use the opposite of how I was taught back in high school daze.

    At 70, I haven't had CT -- yet. LOL. But cannot use the CT remedies above due to my existing injuries. I've attempted left handed playing, but it's hard too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukin4life View Post
    Everyone has good points. But for me staying relax is key, I'm not just talking about hands and wrist but the whole body from head to toe. Remember any kind of stiffness or stress in the body will eventually creep to your hands, wrist and elbow. So it might be a good idea to loosen the whole body before playing.
    Good point. Holding tension in your body impedes circulation, and reduced circulation interferes with the body's normal ability to heal the little "micro-traumas" from pressing frets or typing keys, as well as the macro traumas of manual labor. Circulation is also helped greatly by movement so get up and dance!

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    Thanks. A good illustration to keep in mind. And thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Much appreciated.
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