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Thread: mylar plastic fingernail/pick guard?

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    Default mylar plastic fingernail/pick guard?

    Has anyone used a self adhesive clear mylar plastic as a fingernail/pick guard on their ukulele? Did you like the results? Has anyone removed one of these? Any experience would be welcomed, as I am debating whether or not to install one that was given to me by the uke maker.
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    I've used plastic screen protectors for tablets. You can find them cheap, and they are static cling. They work great on gloss finishes.

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    thanks for you input spookelele.

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    I put a plastic pick guard (made by aNueNue) on a new matt finish Spruce top - had been on for a few months, decided I didn't like it/need it. When I took it off - there is a faint colour difference (As it is only faint (and a new top) it will no doubt fade to be totally indistinct. But at the moment you can see where it has been. It seems to have protected the top from light - and the non-covered area has deepened in colour slightly.
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    JesterBlod, thanks for responding. What was it that you didn't like that you removed the pick guard. Was the pick guard transparent of opaque?

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