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Thread: Season 269 - Cowboy Songs

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    This is my 2nd entry.....Jesse James

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    Default An "old cowboy" checks in...

    Old Cowboy Blues for SOTU #269

    Scott in New York City, NY - USA ...
    (I smile when I play my Pono ATSH-PC Tenor and MGBD Mango Baritone ukes...)
    My YouTube Channel

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    Default Cocaine Cowboy

    Quote Originally Posted by redpaul1 View Post
    Gotta be a song in there somewhere...

    Last 'Cocaine Cowboy' Arrested in Orlando - Rolling Stone.

    ... actually, couldn't you just adapt 'Rhinestone Cowboy'? :-)
    Maybe you could...!

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    Spring break came very late this year, so you will have to forgive me if I am a little punchy while picking songs to play for ya . This is about an outlaw gang and a horse named Paul Revere

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    Der wilde, wilde Westen: A well-know western song in 1980 from Truck Stop, the famous german country band. Close translation (see also below the vid) 3 hints:
    waterkant=water rim/edge (slang for living at haven or sea),
    panic=mentioning the so-called rock "Panik Orchester" from the 70s,
    Maschen=quarter of Hamburg, south of haven/Elbe river.

    Played on Lulu sopranino and supported by out of sync bass and kind of harmonies/percussion. Really have to work on my synchronization skills (musically, not technically).

    PHP Code:
    [CThe little country bandso well-known in this landhasn-t it 
    [Geasy for so longthey [G7already played in Hamburgwhen 
    [Fpanic still wasn-[ConA jazzer 
    said at times
    much too banal rhymes  and you-ll 
    [Gfind no cowboys herewe [G7dont have wildwild WestBut for 
    Fevery else [Git-[Cclear: [F] [C]

    [CThe wild wild West just starts in Hamburgsouth
    [Gthe riverout downtownin a [G7studio in Maschenclose 
    [Fto the Autobahn-[CgroundEnjoying fiddlebanjosteel guitarthe best
    [Gspirit you-ve foundwith the [G7cowboys from the Waterkant 
    [F] and their Nash-[G]-ville [Csound.
    G] [G7] [F] [G] [C]

    CWether in Hamburg grown or in Bavaria bornthat really 
    [Gmatters not at all, as long as you-re in a [G7honky-tonk, and the 
    [Fbeer will never [CpallWith some
    cowboy boots 
    and a wanderlust blues and a
    [Gsmall crack in your heartsyour [G7circuit pressures upwhen the
    [Fcowboy-s mu-[G]-sic [Cstarts. [F] [C]

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    Look Ma, no green screens! I'm in the desert for work and took some time out this afternoon when it was less breezy. Filmed in the late afternoon, and there is no sage brush in the Mojave (too hot and dry, we get mesquite shrubs instead). Hopefully acceptable all the same. Words by K. K. Pettey, attempt at music by me

    Historic notes (bc they are cool and people seem to be into them):


    "In 1910, Katherine Fall Pettey (1874-1951) published Songs from the Sage Brush. That book includes a poem, "Morning on the Desert," which has long been printed and recited—as "Mornin' on the Desert"—with no credit to an author, sometimes said to be "found written on the door of an old cabin in the desert." It was the subject of popular postcards in the 1930s and 1940s (see some examples below).

    We researched numerous sources looking for more information about her, and did not turn up a bit of biographical information for years. Her table of contents in Songs from the Sage Brush indicates that some poems are included "courtesy of" a few periodicals: Sunset, Out Door Life, and West Coast, and others (see some of these poems below). We've located one of those poems and others in other magazines, but none were accompanied by biographical information.

    But, genealogical research has turned up some information about Katherine Fall Pettey. She was born in Tennessee in 1874 and died in California in 1951. Her father, William R. Fall, was a schoolteacher. He was the son of English minister Phillip Slater Fall. Her mother, Edmonia (Taylor) was a music teacher. The family lived in Kentucky.

    Her brother, Albert Bacon Fall (1861-1944) was a U.S. Senator in New Mexico and served as Secretary of the Interior under President Warren Harding. According to a Wikipedia article here, he also "....defended the accused killer of former Sheriff Pat Garrett. Garrett, who had killed outlaw Billy the Kid in 1881...." Albert B. Fall was indicted in theTeapot Dome scandal, becoming the country's first serving Presidential cabinet member to be imprisoned.

    Katherine Fall Pettey was committed to a mental hospital in the early 1920s. She died there in 1951. We've found newspaper articles that mention her briefly (since her brother was much in the news in the 1920s). Mark L. Gardner, author of the recent To Hell on a Fast Horse: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Epic Chase to Justice in the Old West, also located some articles."

    Of course, in addition to loving the poem, the connection to a former Interior Secretary of ill repute makes this one that much closer to home (I work for the US Geological Survey, in case you hadn't already figured it out from my frequently worn hoody).

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"
    ~A.W.E. O'Shaughnessy

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    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

    YouTube UkeintheHeartofTexas

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    My Favorite Cowboy Song.

    "Inspire me muse to sing of the wanderer, who sailed the wine dark sea and toppled the towers of Ilium"
    "Make a Joyous Noise"
    "Let there be song to fill the air"

    Uncle Tommy's Holiday Camp

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    Well, I think the Goodnight-Loving Trail is a fine place to bed down for the night. So many fine songs today, and the dogies are resting peacefully. Get some rest, you deserve it. See y'all in the morning.

    IAmNoMan • Someday Soon • Yup, this is for sure a classic. Thanks for the wonderful song, well done!

    xommen • Devils and Dust • Good song, I like your strident stroke on this. New to me, I am woefully lacking in The Boss' work.

    LucilleJustRocks • Jesse James • Well done! This is very much an American classic, and has become an anthem of sorts for us anti-establishment types!

    Surly-Mac • Old Cowboy Blues • Wow, terrific arrangment! Everything sounds terrific! Excellent!

    redpaul1 • Cocaine Cowboy • So good! I was in the car this morning listening to the radio, and this story came on. I thought that maybe a song could be crafted for this Season. And here it is!

    TCK • Paul Revere • Are you kidding me? Beastie Boys? So good! Color me impressed!

    elmann • The Wild Wild West • Love the bass line, love the sound you got out of that sopranino! Well done!

    Desert Pavement • Morning on the Desert • This is so cool. I just finished my second listen, probably a couple more to come, I loved the historical context - very interesting. The poem is terrific, and your tune is awesome!

    AlanDP • Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott? • Excellent. In the late 70s there was a late-night TV commercial promoting the Statler Brothers' album and it played this song throughout. I remember being thoroughly sick of this song after a few months. Gotta say, I love it now! Good whistling, terrific performance overall! And, you could've used this song last Season as well!

    IAmNoMan • Goodnight-Loving Trail • I never met Utah Phillips, though I wish I had. Amazing guy. This is a really good song, I'm so happy you brought it to this Season!
    Randy - Harry122

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    Rex already did a swimming cover of this classic from the Three Amigos. "Blue Shadows" was written by Randy Newman I believe. I can't wait to break this out when we go horse camping this summer! Thanks for showing me the light Rex!

    Crap, looks like my credits didn't scroll. Whoops
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