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Thread: Headstock preference - Single Sided, or . . .

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    Default Headstock preference - Single Sided, or . . .

    This is not a poll just for discussion, although discussion is certainly welcome. I'd appreciate your input to grab stats on current preferences for headstock design. I, along with some other builders, do different headstocks, and I don't think it's common to do so, outside of doing slotted.

    Given two instruments built exactly the same, which headstock would you pick for yourself, or for someone else? Or would you get both? Naturally, these are not instruments readily available, if that makes a difference.

    Attached are the headstocks for this poll, although the builds actually differ slightly - Koa Back & Sides, Spruce top, Koa bindings/rosette/end graft etc are all the same; fretboard and bridge are different.

    Thank you in advance for participating. And please add comments on why, if you feel the need, even if it's as simple as "my preference" or "I don't like the look of. . ." Yes, not rocket science, but hopefully this focus group in the underground (you) can help me measure where the current temperature is for this topic.

    Edit: shucks, I meant to post this in Uke Talk. Anyone know how to move a thread?
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    I voted single sided as it is easier to tune, appearance wise it appeals more to me as well, but then I like different.
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    I find the one-sided headstock intriguing as it's different, so it's an attention-getter, but I would still go for the traditional headstock if I bought the ukulele. I prefer the look, aesthetically. The single-sided one looks like an e-guitar's headstock.

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    I choose the double sided. I simply prefer the look.


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    Traditional. I'm a sucker for symmetry. I also like "banjo style" with the knobs at the back of the headstock as opposed to sticking out on the sides. May not be as "easy" to tune, but I spend more time playing than tuning.... unlike my banjo.
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    I strongly favor the traditional headstock. Part of the issue is countering the impression of some that the ukulele is a child's version of a guitar. For whatever reason the single sided implies, to me, "I'd rather be playing a Stratocaster if I only could."

    More simply: It's just plain wrong! (But I'm nonetheless glad there are variations in styles and design out there.)

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    Im a sucker for the classical look.
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    Sorry to hijack your Thread, Aaron.

    Just curious ... are you opposed to building slotted headstocks on your ukes? I haven't seen any of your ukes with a slotted headstock whatsoever. I also know that you're a bass player, which is why you make the single sided headstocks. IMHO, slotted headstocks give a uke an understated look of elegance and a look of a "High End" instrument, especially when prices are over $1000 and up. My preference is definitely a uke with a slotted headstock.

    I would have pulled the trigger on one of your ukes over the years ... if it only had a slotted headstock.
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    I like the more traditional look. The headstock with the tuners on one side makes the ukulele look like a mini Fender guitar, and I don't like my ukuleles to look any more like a mini guitar than they already do.
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    As a left-handed player I'm rarely keen on anything about the design of a ukulele that detracts from its symmetry; although I appreciate that if it's a custom build then it could be made one way around or t'other (so long as an expensive jig isn't required for the construction).

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