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Thread: For Sale -beautiful Barron Rivers 6 string Bariton uke

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    Sorry if messages have been bounced guys and girls, I forgot there's a mailbox limit, all cleared out now.


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    Mark is moving heaven and earth to get me a reliable ship cost and is finding that instruments, particularly guitars are not eligible for enhanced insurance coverage. Has anyone run into this problem with international shipments? I was surprised to find it would be so difficult to ship an instrument like this tracked and insured for the customs declared value.

    Any advice or thoughts from our more experienced buyers or sellers?

    Jon? You've shipped more international than most. What method have you used?

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    sorry to all in the USA, but shipping a ukuklele stateside can only be covered with 50 insurance, enhanced insurance can be purchased but musical instruments, guitars and brass are not covered, so pointless paying for it if it's no good, I have a UK offer so will go with that,

    all the best Mark

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