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Thread: Best strings for a Baritone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioBelle View Post
    I have a Southcoast set on my Mainland bari tuned high D, but may try the Titaniums. BUT.... you bought the Oceana! I saw it on the Antebellum site and was giving it serious consideration. Congrats! It's a beauty. Other than strings, how do you like it?

    Edited to add: Silly me! Doc_J posted a sound sample of his Oceana in a previous thread, and even credited me for bringing it to his attention. You're welcome, Doc_J.

    Sorry for the digression. Carry on with string talk!
    Thank you again. When I heard Jake's sound sample and read his endorsement, the Oceana bari was irresistible, and I wasn't even looking for another baritone. I really enjoy my redwood/mahogany Oceana baritone. Will have to post another sound sample with the D'addario titanium strings. While I thought it sounded terrific as played with the Martin strings, it sounds even better with the D'addario. The ukulele itself is incredibly light and very responsive with great tone. Physically, it's an unassuming instrument, well constructed with modest adornments (unbound flat fretboard, binding only on the top, and a satin finish with a fair number of unfilled pores in the mahogany). It's a true players instrument. I never thought I'd sell my Pono spruce/ebony Pro Classic baritone, until I got this Oceana. It's very comfortable and playable, and is my favorite baritone. There should be more folks playing an Oceana uke by Zac Steimle.
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    I have just purchased a new Caramel CB 103 direct, following favourable YouTube reviews. Southern Ukulele store suggested Kamaka Baritone strings and am delighted with their warmth. Have been used to a Tenor re-entrant GCEA tuning I am awaiting a set of Guadalupe hand wound, also having had fab reviews. Any other thoughts out there?

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