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Thread: Aloha ʻOe and new Worth strings

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    Default Aloha ʻOe and new Worth strings

    Just put some Worth brown BS-LG 63 strings on my Kala tenor for the first time. I had Living Water strings on it before which I really like. First impressions of the Worth strings are:

    Slightly louder (I know I've no way of comparing this but acoustically it seems a little louder when strummed).

    Slightly fuller mids to upper mids making them sound a little more rounded than the Living Water's.

    First hour's impression is good, I loved the Living Water, like these too so far.

    It's a hello from Fidget the Cat too :-)

    Sorry, didn't realise I stick my tongue out so much when concentrating...
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    beautiful, ilove this song

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    Very nice Fuzz.

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    Nice job. I think the tongue action probably helps, no worries!
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    Nice! One of my favorite songs for the uke. I'm a fan of Worth Browns, too.

    Is there a cat in the box? Ha ha! He must be comforted by the music.
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