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Thread: So what videos to start with?

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    Signed up for the Ukulele way after reading the recommendations here and I am very pleased. I was initially looking at the UU lessons but the steep pricing was a deterrent. UW is pretty well setup and priced fairly I think.

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    Definitely look up Cynthia Lin on YouTube. She is the finest beginning teacher IMO. I also like "The Ukulele Teacher" on YouTube.

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    In addition to Cynthia Lin, check out Tyler "Tenthumbspro" on YouTube.

    I'm a new player too and I find his song vids to have a bit more detail and finesse than the Uke Teacher, but they all have their place for sure.

    Also highly recommend James Hill's "How to Strum Fast" video for a solid basic strumming lesson.


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    There are tons of places to learn. I've viewed Cynthia Lin (great voice), Thethumbspro, Ukulele Mike, The Ukulele Teacher, James Hill's the Ukulele Way, and more. I learned to play several songs half way decently.

    The problem is that the hit and miss nature of learning from different sources may be immediately fun, but doesn't help with the progression much.

    When I decided to get serious, I signed up for Ukulele Underground University (UU+). I think Aldrine is an excellent teacher and he's got a great support group with him. It progresses like a regular class.

    Ukulele 100 (5 lessons, avg 20 min - from understanding your ukulele, through three basic chords (C/F/G7), basic strumming and timing.)
    Ukulele 101 (12 lessones - avg 50 min - all the basics to play most songs using a few strumming patterns)
    Basic Strum Course ( 6 lessons, avg 5 min - add to your strumming repertoire

    It takes a couple of months to finish the Beginner courses if you're diligent. Afterward you'll be able to play 100's of songs at a reasonably decent level, plus a handful very well.

    Ukulele 102 (10 lessons - avg ~20 min - exercises, picking, ear training, scales & tonal harmony, advance strumming, pulls/hammers and more)
    Essential Chords course 2 (7 vids)
    Fingerpicking basics (7 vids)
    Soloing / flatpicking techniques (12 vids)
    Blues (18 vids)
    Hawaiian Ukulele (11 vids)
    Music theory (10 vids of UU+, 14 Uke Minutes vids)
    -- and lots more

    Ukulele 103
    Advanced Soloing
    Appled Music Theory
    Advanced strumming
    - lots more

    There are alos numerous master classes with guest teachers like Imua Garza, Chris Salvador, Craig Chee, Kalei Gamiao, Bruce Shimabukuro, and more

    As part of the Ukulele Underground University, there are weekly live lessons with interactive feedback, friday Aloha Play Alongs, Open Mic nights where you can show what you've learned, whiteboard requests to learn a new song, weekly webcam sessions with Matt Dahlberg and plenty more.

    There are around 100 in depth song tutorials, most with separate play-along videos with chords displayed.

    I'm very happy with my progress and the entire support network. I just go through the classes slowly, about 2 videos per week, and make sure to get a lot of practice in and do the video homework which you can post and get critiqued by one of the UU+ guys.

    I still check out Cynthia Lin's and TenThumbsPro for some songs, and will likely do the Ukulele Way once I've complete the intermediate course. Just going through Ukulele 102 and the strumming courses, I've improved immensely.

    The UU+ course isn't cheap, but there is a ton of resources and excellent access to the teachers. Ten years worth of instruction, ordered pretty well. Far more, and better laid out than anything else I've found. It's a proven path from beginner to very advanced. You can always do the 2 week free trial and see if it's for you.

    BTW- I have nothing to do with the UU+ University, except that I joined and found it works for me.

    I haven't tried The Ukulele Way, but it was my second choice. Less than half the price and it's friggin' James Hill! But it's also basically new, whereas the UU+ has been around for a decade and has had a chance to evolve with a ton of member feedback.
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    I'm currently starting book 3 of the ukulele way with James Hill. I'd learned a few things on my.own before starting. Ive been really enjoying the lessons and feel like I am making good progress. Ukulele way has more focus on melody rather than strumming chords and singing along. It is helpful to have a basic understanding of reading music to do the ukulele way. I'd highly recommend it based on my experiences with it so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olphart View Post
    I started with Cynthia Lin on Youtube and made very good progress. I moved on to Rockclass101, also a good teacher, though I would find him more difficult if I hadn't had the videos with Cynthia.
    There are lots out there.
    I started with Cynthia Lin as well, but then moved on to UU vids.
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    I signed up for UU+ and have gone through 101, 102 and 103. It costs money but very little compared to personal lessons. It got me on my feet as a ukulele player.


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