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Thread: Tinguitar Reclaimed Mahogany Soprano - REVIEW

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    I bought a long-neck tenor to be produced in July and made from 100% British woods. Rob is so righteous.

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    Mines on order for September, was a bit of a setback, I've had a piece of what I thought was mahogany from a pub bar for nearly 20yrs, sent it to Rob to make me a uke, turns out is not mahogany but iroko, so Rob is using some of his reclaimed mahogany timber instead.
    I'm opting for a cedar top though, to make it a bit different from the S1 I have.
    My Birfday pressie to myself this year :-) (It's all that Baz blokes fault lol)

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    You won’t be displeased Dan!
    4 Strings made of nylon, always put a smile on, anybody's face who's feeling blue....

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