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Thread: Repair forum?

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    Default Repair forum?

    Hello, how about making a repair forum?
    A place where posts about how to repair your ukulele can be posted and answered.
    As it is today the Luthiers forum isn´t very suitable for this kind of questions, though it partially covers the subject and very many of the guys posting there knows the answers.
    The ´Uke Tech Support´, usually covers more simple aspects of the ukulele.

    Example how do you cleat, how close, how big when crack repairs are to be made?
    How to treat a vintage ukulele when repairing it, dos and "donts".
    How do you reset the neck and when is it necessary?

    Now you have to go to youtube to eventually find out those answers, if so ever.
    I am certain there are lots of questions that would be most suited to post in such a forum. It seems like that from what I´ve seen yet, thanks.

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