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Thread: improvisations in open d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    All good but really like #5 and #9 in that batch.
    thanks for listening Jim.
    yes I like #9 also.
    Graham is my dad. he died this December past.
    he single-handedly created a virtual colony of sparrows around his house
    by virtue of laying out seed for them like clockwork every morning.
    he loved them so much. Mum's taken over the daily feeding now
    and I took that film a few mornings ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Booli View Post
    Sounds GREAT Jon!

    I think you're on to something here.

    Keep 'em coming brother!
    many thanks for listening, brother.
    hope things ahead for you are good things mate.

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    These sound great Jon! Nice style of writing.

    I particularly like Autumn Leaves and Home We Cannot Go.

    You said you're "trying not to overthink." Good move.

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    Honestly enjoyed 'Song of the setting sun' brother....will listen to the rest later
    Hope all is well

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    an adaptation of 'poor boy, long ways from home'

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