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Thread: improvisations in open d

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    Default improvisations in open d

    I am learning, by feel I guess, how to play the classical guitar.
    this, a new tuning for me to play.
    just lately, sometimes, I sit down and press record and see what happens.
    here are a couple of songs I made these past days.
    I am enjoying the process and trying not to overthink. just play and enjoy the time with the guitar.
    I will leave the thread here and post sometimes when the feeling comes.
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    Ooh very nice Jon!
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    Really, really nice..........I know where I'm coming if I need to de-stress. Makes me want to learn classical guitar.
    Ukuleles.............yes please !!!!

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    thanks you guys for taking a listen.
    Heino, this is superb, brother.
    you inspire me.
    friendship all.

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