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Thread: Baritone low-D in a tenor ukulele

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    Default Baritone low-D in a tenor ukulele

    Thought I would try something a bit bonkers.

    I used Aquila 11U strings (3 Nylgut string with a red string for the low G) for tenor DGBE, high-D ... and put them on in a different order to get a low-D tuning.

    E goes where you would expect. Re-entrant D goes on next for the B. The B goes where the G should go, and the red string goes on for the low-D. This means that all the strings have a lower tension than they should have (except the E, of course). (I.e., gauges get thinner from G-B-E, and the heavier red string takes up the low-D.)

    For what I am playing, slow jazz chords and bit of classical guitar fakery, this is astonishingly effective. I have never heard this sound before. I have tried this on a Kala travel tenor, and the lower pitch/range makes it sound very different, but beautiful.

    So having failed to find a set of strings for low-D baritone tuning on a tenor, I just took matters into my own hand, and bent the high-D tuning to my own will. I suppose I could I have tried an ordinary low-D baritone set of strings, but all I could find was sets with two wound strings ... and I have really gone off wound strings ...

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    Living Water flourocarbons don't use any wound strings, I have them on my better ukes.
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    Worth Brown Baritone strings, or Fremont Bari-Tenor strings work well. But for a tenor I found a Fremont Soloist works for a low D on a tenor. I know it's wound, but it's not too rough on the fingers.

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