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Thread: Update to previous thread 2 instruments for sale

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    Default Update to previous thread 2 instruments for sale

    I need the money so I am lowering the prices in my previous post. The Pinol Baritone with pickup built in and case will be sold for $395 plus cost of shipping. The Ozark Mandolele will be sold for $475 plus shipping. If purchased together I have dropped price from previous 9900 to $775
    This is a steal for these instruments but I need the money.

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    Please click here ->Just the FAQs<- to be taken to the FAQ index so you can learn about:
    - Magic Fluke Company ukes
    - Pickups, Preamps and Impedance Mismatch
    - Home Recording and Mics
    - String Upgrades
    - iPad Microphones
    - Wolfelele Uke Kit
    - How to string a Baritone uke as a piccolo bass
    - Strings I used for GDAE and CGDA fifths tunings

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