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Thread: Beginners should try playing in different rooms of their house

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    Default Beginners should try playing in different rooms of their house

    It was posted in another sub forum here. But, worth reposting here.

    "Which is your favorite place in your house to play the ukulele"

    Wow, last night I went through all the rooms in our house playing the ukulele and what a revelation! Everyone should do that. From showers, to a very large reflective living room, from my office to a well dampened
    library, amazing. Even played out on the backyard porch. Very interesting.

    I didn't think much about this even though I have a small recording studio in my house (not for music but for online computer related training). It was very interesting indeed. Try to play in a closet too. Large bathrooms or in front of large mirrors, It was a lot of fun actually.

    Note that not only will your ukulele sound different to your ear while playing, but the sound projected from the ukulele will sound different as well. It has to do with resonating frequencies emanating from the uke and bouncing around the surfaces of the room.

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    Good advice. I remember back in college, we sometimes played in the dorm's concrete stairwells, to get the natural reverb! Also, on guitar, I've gotten natural tremolo by playing under a quickly spinning ceiling fan.
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