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Thread: Which Guitarlele should I buy, asking for advice please!

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    I see mini have tuning A instead of standart E. Is it acceptable and no problems with learning or i should buy tuning E aquila strings right now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by songsforall View Post
    ... I can't find anything, though, that's between the Kala/Cordoba/Yamaha six strings and this very expensive, but lovely Kiku instrument. Any suggestions?
    This is exactly how I feel. I would love to own a high quality guitalele/guilele/kiku type of instrument, but not spend more than 4k on it. If I could afford it, I'd go for a Lichty Baby Bard or Kinnard Kiku. I guess the Kanilea GL6 and KoAloha D-VI would be the middle ground. However, my own preferences would be for a more guitar-like look, a spruce or cedar top, preferably slotted headstock, gloss finish, definitely a radius fretboard (not a must for me on a uke, but definitely helpful with six strings) and a slightly slimmer neck than the Kanilea and KoAloha. They have a nut width of 2" (51 mm), I'd prefer something around 1 7/8" (47 mm). Tenor or baritone body; scale length could be anywhere in between 17 and 21". desgined for nylon strings and a tuning between E-E, G-G (Terz), or A-A. I've tried to talk John Kitakis of Pono into making such a model, as I think they would get it exactly right and fill the gap in between the cheap stuff and the pricey custom builds. He liked the idea but didn't want to add another model just then. While the market for such an intermediate priced guitalele is probably small, I'm sure there are some others next to you and me who would appreciate such an offering.

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    Looks like most are saying the Cordoba Mini;

    Ukulelesite also really checks them out and makes sure they are setup good before shipping out...

    Check out the video on the site, they have good true to sound videos.
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