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Thread: Buying First Uke - Baritone...Suggestions needed

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    Default Buying First Uke - Baritone...Suggestions needed

    Hi All,

    This is my first post here, but I am a regular on the AGF (Acoustic Guitar Forum) and see a few familiar faces over here. Yay!

    Anyway, I am a guitar player who is interested in picking up the uke. I am interested in a Baritone, as the tone seems to be universally appealing to my ear.

    I plan to use the uke for when I travel and some at home. I am looking for a good sounding baritone and case that I can hopefully squeeze into an overhead compartment on an airplane.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Budget is $200-$400ish. But, am definitely open to whatever suggestions you can toss my way.

    Thanks so much!

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    "Travel" and "baritone" don't often go together but here is one advertised as such:

    I haven't tried the baritone but I have seen the smaller Kala "travel" models and they have a surprising amount of volume and sounded pretty good. You can do a lot worse for sure. As far as a case, just ask HMS what they'd recommend for that.

    You really might want to consider smaller options though. Maybe a Tiny Tenor?

    If you have them set it up for you with dGBE strings you could use your guitar chord shapes and still get the reentrant ukulele sound. Just a thought.
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    Thank you, Jim!

    I guess for me it is relative....a guitar vs a Baritone uke and well, it seems so small!

    But, you bring up a good point...perhaps I will throw a tenor into the mix, too. I see Kala also makes a travel tenor:

    And, also thought this was a pretty interesting and good sounding tenor:
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    Vic just had a Pono Baritone up for sale...that would be a incredible starter and keeper, too. He also reviewed some of his other baritones on his blog...check that out, too.
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    You can also tune a Tenor to dGBE and get a smaller size and lots of depth with Ukulele sound. no need to relearn the chord names either!

    If you are not opposed ot a lower price, look at the Caramel baritones on Amazon/E-bay. The CB-500 and CB-103's have a truss rod now. I love my CB-103 and my neighbor has the CB-500, lovely ukes. ~$90.
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    I have a very nice Cordoba baritone for sale in the marketplace. It has a solid cedar top and laminate spalted maple back and sides. It is really nice! It is a great baritone to start with. Here is a link to the posting with some pictures. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested.
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    I think the Kala solid spruce top/lam mohagany sides/back has alotta bang for the buck.

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    Kala cedar top - great tone, reasonably priced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackLuis View Post
    You can also tune a Tenor to dGBE and get a smaller size and lots of depth with Ukulele sound. no need to relearn the chord names either!

    If you are not opposed ot a lower price, look at the Caramel baritones on Amazon/E-bay. The CB-500 and CB-103's have a truss rod now. I love my CB-103 and my neighbor has the CB-500, lovely ukes. ~$90.
    Thank you!

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    I would suggest something laminate for travel so you don't have to worry so much about the climate changes. My suggestions are for a first time baritone purchase and travel uke. It sounds to me like you must be a guitar player and might want something nice as suggested in the marketplace so you might want to disregard my suggestions.

    I have several baritones. Most of them are vintage. I have a Martin, Favilla, Harmony and a Giannini. I love them all but wouldn't travel with any of them except the Giannini. I love that uke. I picked it up on Ebay and you would have to keep an eye out for one. They are solid great sounding baritones with that special vintage tone and they are laminate. You would have to pick up a hard case for travel if you decided to go that way. Incidentally, my first baritone was a Pono acacia that was beautiful and sounded great but it wasnt as easy to play for me as the vintage ukes so I sold it.

    I also have a new Oscar Schmidt that I really enjoy. Picked it up from Amazon but again this is a solid top so you would need to use a good humidifier in a case. Very nice instrument, looks beautiful and plays very well. The set up is fantastic. You can see by the reviews that people are please with the OS. Sometimes rarely you might get one that has a problem but you can easily send it back. The OS is a great first uke because they are easy to play and you can search for one that is laminate.
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