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Thread: How to handle Am7, the natural open chord in standard tuning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ubulele View Post
    Like Ruffles? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
    Good catch.
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    I just open my fingers and the neck lays against my open hand. If you are relying on your fretting hand to hold your Uke, I reckon you are doing it incorrectly. The fretting hand should be able to move up and down the neck freely. Check out some tuition vids on holding the instrument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rllink View Post
    On further observation, if you bar the first fret with your thumb on the back of the neck, the just rotate everything, ninety degrees, you are there.

    Thanks, Rllink!! I tried making my barre, rotating 90 degrees around the neck and then back, and I can almost pull it off! With some practice I think I'll be able to make this work.

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    At first I didn't understand what you guys were talking about because I use beautiful hand-tooled leather straps. For you guys I removed the strap and played bareback. I jammed around with the blues in A minor. For the A minor dom7 I instinctively just moved my index finger above the nut and held the neck with my thumb at the base of the headstock and my index finger touching the strings above the nut just for balance, and obviously not hard enough to bend the strings. So that's just what I do when faced with your dilemma.

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    If you are talking about all strings open chord, I don't see much problem in that. Just move your index finger/hand hold past the nut. Then you can even wave with your hand sort of while playing the chord? And easy to move the support from the hand to more index finger if needed. Main thing is move the support past the nut.

    Of course our physics may vary and what is easy for me maybe not so easy for you.

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