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Thread: Bonanza Ukuleles HPL Standard Concert - REVIEW

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    Default Bonanza Ukuleles HPL Standard Concert - REVIEW

    My take on the standard HPL Concert from Pete Mai at Bonanza in Minnesota
    4 Strings made of nylon, always put a smile on, anybody's face who's feeling blue....

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    Thanks for this review. I really enjoy my two Bonanza's.

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    Another great review. A friend has a Bonanza, and she loves it.
    I told her that when she tires of playing and is hungry, she can flip it over and make a samwich on it!
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    Great review Baz! A FB member sent me pics of the pink rockabilly retro style and it looks pretty cool. And different (which as you said, is good, because it stands out/is different/unique).
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    Thanks for another great review Baz!

    I've got one of their HPL ukes on my wish-list...but I just cannot decide on a visual pattern for the HPL...they are all just slightly too radical looking for me right now.

    I have bought a used uke from Shelley here on the Marketplace and she was very nice to deal with, as well as fast communication, and fast shipping, which I would expect all to carry over into their Bonanza uke sales too.
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    I've had my Bonanza HPL since the end of July. It's been on one 8 day whitewater rafting trip, surviving the elements plus three teenage girls. I almost didn't get it away from them at the end of the trip.....they thought it was "totally rad." I was just playing it this evening. Such a fun & unique sound to it.

    It's name is "Hot Rod." Red retro pattern.
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