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Thread: Fantasy Uke

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohanmike View Post
    I hope the mods of my bass ukes don't fall into this category. I make them look like commercial versions, Telecaster, Hofner, Rickenbacker, AudioVox, ESP in a mini size so they fit playing with my ukulele group.

    You do a good job. I like them.
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    As long as you aren't marketing what you make, you can make pretty much anything you want. It's the same with fan-fiction, fan-art, and so on. Plus, if someone came to you with a picture of something and said, "Can you make this for me?" you could fairly charge them for time and materials even if you were making a copy of something, so long as you didn't try to pass it off as the original.

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    Count me among the crusty on this one, too.
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