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Thread: Flute Family (& related) instruments.

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    I have a folk flute, keyless, 6 holes. Pitched in D. It's basically diatonic and plays in G & D and related modes. Some Chromatic notes are possible. I also have several whistles in various sizes but don't play them very often.

    Here's a recording I made some time ago.
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    Geoff Walker

    I have several ukuleles in various sizes and am not planning on getting any more...

    at least, not yet.

    I also play some blowy things and a squeezy thing

    You Tube Channel:

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    Quote Originally Posted by uke1950 View Post
    So I just thought I'd start a new thread for anyone to discuss any flute related instruments, that is, any instrument that you vibrate the air column, (no reeds).
    Why, what do you have against reeds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDW View Post
    Why, what do you have against reeds?
    Ha, ha - I don't know of any flute type instrument that uses reeds - but there might be.

    I have absolutely nothing against reeds - I also like harmonicas.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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