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Thread: Leeward Lounge Ukes, back to the drawing board

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    Concerning Brass frets, I've used then on a couple of projects. I liked them as they had very low crowns. Haven't noticed any discoloring of the fret board or greening of the frets. The SF Bay Area is benign and they haven't had allot of handling. If I had my druthers, I would have used bar frets like the old Martins. They are easy to set or reset the highth with out using a file. I just can't find the narrow silver nickle kind and guitar bar frets are too wide for my liking.

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    A couple of nights ago I finished up my 15' radius dish sanding jig. I used a piece of 3/4" plywood - the good stuff that has both sides hardened and coated in epoxy. Then I attached varying thicknesses of plywood that I thinned down using one of those safety-planer deals on my drill press. Then I glued and screwed everything together under a 1/8" thick piece of MDF and attached some 80 grit sand paper. I'm pretty pleased with my results!


    Just moments ago I thicknessed all of my tonewood down to a skosh over 2.5mm, and tomorrow I think I will glue my bookmatched tops and bottoms together. Once those have all dried I will scrape all of those down to something close to their final thicknesses, leaving just a tad for final sanding.

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