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Thread: 8 string taropatch tuning

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    Default 8 string taropatch tuning

    Hi, am looking into 8 string taropatch style ukes. I like the sound. I was wondering if one can play around with the tunings...

    Specifically, unison vs octaves. For instance, can I make them ALL octaves? or choose which ones I want for octaves/unison? Or all unison?

    Can I mix and match string sets to create different sounds with different string makers?

    How is the picking with the 8 string? Any thoughts or experiences are thanked in advance.
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    If it's your uke, you can do whatever you want! Contact Ken Middleton at, he can probably make you up a set however you want it.
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    What's the scale length?

    If it's a "classic taropatch" concert-sized (~15"), I'd say stick with unisons (maybe octaves on the C with a high-C): G4/G4 C4/C5 E4/E4 A4/A4

    If it's tenor-sized (~17"), you might try octaves on both the g and c, unisons on the e and a: G3/G4 C4/C5 E4/E4 A4/A4
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    I thought taropatch was all octaves? G3G4 C4C5 E4E4 A5A5 is how my eight string Baton Rouge is tuned.
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    My 8 string Baton Rouge came with octaves on the G & C and unison on the E & A. I restrung it with just octaves on the G and unison on the other three strings. gGCCEEAA is close to Renaissance Guitar tuning which was, typically gGCCEEA. I wanted that tuning because I am using the 8 string for accompanying broadside ballads (mainly from 17th/18th cent.) The tuning has an added advantage that you don't need a special string set. Just get standard high and low G string sets and fit them.

    I also have a 6 string which is tuned g cC E aA which has a different effect.
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