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    Default New from Samantha Muir

    Wow on tenor!

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    and a gorgeous 5 string tenor to boot!

    thanks for posting that. I am so in awe of her talent!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioBelle View Post
    and a gorgeous 5 string tenor to boot!

    thanks for posting that. I am so in awe of her talent!
    Yes, a fantastic talent and she is a joy to hear.

    For sure what she's playing is a beautiful instrument but, for me, it's a drift away from the Soprano Uke that she (also) plays so well and as such a step away from what I most value. Of course she's an artist and as such wants to explore and develope her skills, interests and talents; that's perfectly reasonable and perhaps not something for the likes of me to even comment on. However, as a listener and watcher, my interest is in what the four string Soprano can do and what we can someday, perhaps, attempt. YMMV.
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