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I'm at the University of Rochester. I'll definitely have to check out Bernunzio's! Thanks for the recommendation.
I guess you're right, I should really just call it western NY. I guess most people I know just consider everything outside of NYC upstate since usually no one ever knows where Rochester is.
I have a nephew who just got out of RIT with a Computer Science degree, one of my former co-workers at Starbucks is currently at RIT pre-med, and the one time I got to spend more than 10 minutes in Rochester (Back in the late 1970s) I headed straight for the House of Guitars. I knew nothing about Bernunzio's at the time, if it was even there...

I apologize, i didn't even know about University of Rochester. I knew Kodak helped bankroll the Optics and photography programs at RIT (Thought about that as a college major - back in the mid-70s - but when I saw the physics requirement, I just turned and slowly walked away...)

Anyway, welcome to UU! These folks are generally among the nicest folks in the world - I met a couple of my best friends in this forum. One local, one on the other side of the country.