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    Hello fellow ukers !
    I'm working on a learning tool for people playing different types of instruments, and I'm starting out with the ukulele
    I would very much appreciate it if you'd take the time to answer this short survey Thank you!
    (I chose to put it in this board because I'm focusing on tips, tricks and technique. If it's a better fit for another category, I'm open for suggestions!)

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    Done! And good luck with your work, it sounds very interesting and potentially helpful.

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    You would likely get more responses if you just ask your questions here, many of us don't do 'other sites'.
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    I stopped during the second question. There are structural problems with both of the first two questions.

    Question 1:
    I'm not sure what the difference between a paid tutor and a "private tutor or lessons online" would be. I think you mean the paid tutor is live. As written, someone checking the online option should check both. The first option should include the word live. It's not clear how ukulele underground would count. I may annually to access lessons that are in the form of videos. So, there's more to it than just YouTube. Also, books aren't an option. I don't just experiment, I use books to guide that exploration. Maybe "Self-taught" is a better phrase.

    Question 2:
    I haven't experienced pain. Seems like "Other" would be the wrong answer because I think it mean another part of my body hurts. And you can't leave it blank. There should be a "Feelin' no pain" option.

    It's really hard to write a good survey that gives useful results. You need to think about all of the ways people could answer and include some option for them. I don't know about the other places you hope to post this survey, but at UU I think you'll probably get more meaningful results if you just ask for long form answers. Ask us how we learn to play, and you'll probably get lots of answers that provide more detail than you'll get in the survey. Create a "Tell me your uke-related injuries" and you'll hear about tendons, and necks and long thumbnails caught on the pockets of our jeans.

    Good luck with the "market research". I hope you get what you need.
    ... or maybe I'm wrong

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