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Thread: Kanilea TAT-C concert with case

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    Default Kanilea TAT-C concert with case

    Well those that know me knew I would sell this. I have literally had it a couple of days. The person I bought it from said it was brand new and it certainly looks it. Iíve only played it very lightly a few times since owning it.

    The truth is I am just not a concert person no matter how much I try. Nothing wrong with them but I love my sopranos. I know I will probably never play it. I also have a couple other sopranos on the way so know itís probably best for me to part with this.

    That said; It sounds very good! Great build and quality!! A beautiful uke!! This is my first kanilea and have to say they build an impressive product!

    It will come with a brand new uke crazy hard foam case.

    I have sold here many of times here and I feel I got a pretty good deal on it; I wish to sell it for what I paid and pass it on to someone who will put it to use! $646.75. You pay shipping though and send payment as Paypal family / friends or you pay the fee. Bottom line is that I am not looking to lose any money on this as I feel it is totally worth this.

    Pictures can be seen here.

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    We bought from him and would happily do it again. Great seller, honest and accurate.
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    Pm'd. Thanks Jon.
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    Uke has been sold. Thanks UU

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