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Thread: Ukulele --> 5 String Banjo

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    Quote Originally Posted by wc-uke View Post
    You'll love the Backyard Banjo. I added the optional armrest to mine. Looks and sounds good.
    I have a bari uke tuned DGBE but thinking of getting a second one to tune dGBE for clawhammer
    and more of a regular uke sound (also can use a capo on the 5th fret to match regular uke
    tuning for group or jam sessions). Too much fun, I do need a 12 step program for UAS (and GAS and BAS).
    Sweet! I'm excited.
    Btw, I inquired of Backyard Music if they had any plans
    to issue a banjo ukulele in the near future. They said no, but
    they are working on a tenor banjo kit. Which got me thinking
    that such an instrument could be tuned like a baritone ukulele.
    Even as a high d re-entrant for claw hammer style.
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