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    Default Set Up Guide?

    Is there a set up guide "stickied" somewhere? Something that tells where to start and has steps that go through to the end. I don't want something that says " you could check this or maybe try checking that..."
    I want to do a basic set up on my two inexpensive ukes. Neither are bad, but seem like the action could be better. Also, it would be a good learning experience.


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    These people are experts.

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    Is there a guide or sticky , I have no idea , but I have set up a couple ukes. I don't know If you tried but if you do a search on this site you will find find lots of info. You could go to FRETS.COM
    and find more info . You should learn to do it , it is very easy . I recomend using feeler gauges and a torch cleaner , very cheap and works well if you are just adjusting the slot.
    The welding torch cleaner can be found at a hardware store for about 5 bucks . I have no idea if there is a guide so you may have to do a little research yourself.
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    I have the torch cleaner and feeler gauge.
    So, it sorta looks like a fret leveling should be first regardless of anything else I might need.
    Then, adjust the action at the 12th. Then, the nut. That's all I would do anyway.
    That sound about right?


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