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Thread: Season 298 - Walking to New Orleans

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    sweet song recorded in the 1920's by Clarence Williams, Sidney Bechet and others.

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    I am running out of time today, and it looks like tomorrow will be out for me, too. Off to an old-timey music festival for the day. keep sending the entries in, and I'll catch up on Sunday

    Latest comments below:

    Joko – Iko Iko - Love it Joko, great fun. How many beers did it take to get one at the correct pitch? We do this song at a choir I am in, and it takes 25 voices to achieve what you just did.

    Wee-ginga-yin - Samson in New Orleans – This is a deeeep song, Rob. I haven’t heard it before, but looking up discussions on the net there seem to be some deep theological meanings within the lyrics I did enjoy your treatment of it, and I did like the clarity of the new mike, too.

    Robinboyd - Steal the Light – Well Robin, it took you a few days to join in the Mardi gras, but you made it, and it was well worth the wait for me. I especially liked the way you built the song up for the long strong notes.
    I didn’t know it, and didn’t see Cat Empire at Jazzfest, but I did see them at the MCG as Grand Final entertainment a couple of years late.

    Turtledrum - Bird on a Wire – Linda this was lovely. I felt the passion you put into this one, and enjoyed it immensely. Beutiful picking along with everything else made it a highlight for me

    kolibri - Basin Street Blues – Sounding very nice on this Ylle, your uke soun=ds great , and your phrasing and delivery on this song is top notch. Thanks for bringing this classic

    UkuleleLibrarian - Blueberry Hill – Benji, we did this song at my Ukulele group last Monday as a tribute to fats Domino, and it went over really well, of course. It’s a great singalong type song. Loved your version, too, and thanks for contributing.

    TheOnlyUkeThatMatters - Pressure drop – Ralf, I didn’t see Toots and the Maytals, and now I’m kicking myself. I did have an early album of theirs from the late 70s, and liked it a lot. Should have seen them when I had the chance. Greta fun on your version, the pressure built as the background noise increased. You’re good under pressure tho. Well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinboyd View Post
    The lead singer of the Cat Empire gave an interview when the album "Steal the Light" came out saying that the whole album was inspired by a trip to New Orleans Jazzfest, which inspired him to stay there for a few months. This is the title track of that album, and although it doesn't specifically mention New Orleans, the vibe is definitely reminiscent of New Orleans. Anyway, hopefully this passes the sniff test.

    Also sorry that I didn't quite hit the high notes cleanly. Some days I hit them better than others.

    Why didn't I think to transpose this down a half step? It not only makes it easier to sing, but also easier to play!

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    Default Ain't Misbehaving (Fats Waller Ukulele Cover SOTU 298)

    4th and final entry for this season. A Fats Waller toon
    That audio has become so crisp you could slice a loaf of bread with it.
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    When I looked down the list for the Jazz Fest, I saw Steve Winwood - formerly of Spencer Davies Group, Traffic & Blind Faith. While he was with the Spencer Davies Group they recorded this traditional song which has also been recorded by Leadbelly and many others.
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    This submission fits into category 3, since Randy Newman appeared in New Orleans in 2005. Do hope no one takes this personally ... some of my best friends are short(ish)!
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    It's another Berni original folks (surprise, surprise). It's the tale of a young Irish Lad obsessed with visiting New Orleans, one day. It was inspired by the company and songs of Donal O'Connor at "Celtic Connections" (a Festival of Irish and Catalan Culture) held last weekend in Sitges (next train stop up the line from us). It was a fantastic weekend. You should check Donal out. He's a songwriter of real talent who deserves a bigger audience.

    Meanwhile, here is my offering for this Season:

    PS The first few seconds are silent - don't pump up the volume!

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    although it irks me to sing of a British defeat we have had many victories since then.At least now we're the best of pals?

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    Fell in love with this song in the movie Down By Law.

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    Decided I fancied more Disney jazz. Roped Nathan in to plunk away on the Octopus uke he got for his birthday by saying we were singing a Jungle Book song.

    Unfortunately he started singing the wrong one and then broke into the Paw Patrol theme tune.

    This is theme 1
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